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Which rivers will we be paddling?
- Due to weather changes and water levels fluctuating we try to stay flexible on what sections of river we teach on are. This is why we don't explicitly say where we're going in our course descriptions. That being said, as a general idea all of our Intro to WW and Next Step courses start on Lucille Lake (between Squamish and Whistler) and then usually happen on the Mamquam and Cheakamus rivers down in Squamish. Our Class 3 Development course is usually between the Mamquam race site and the Paradise Valley section of the Cheakamus but could end up being as far as the Upper Green in Whistler. For our Intro to Class 4 we try to focus it on the Upper Cheak in Whistler although that one has the most potential to change due to high water concerns. 

Where can I stay?

- If you're on one of our beginner or intermediate courses basing yourself near Squamish is the best bet. If you're looking for a solid roof over your head the Squamish Adventure Inn is an affordable hostel, otherwise there are plenty of hotels in town. If you're looking for cheaper options in the woods the Mamquam River Campground is a good spot, Alice Lake Provincial Campground, there are a couple BC Rec sites around, and of course the ol' kayaker classic drive down a logging road and find a spot is commonly done in the area as well. 

What time do we start?

- All of our day courses start at 9 am unless under some kind of exceptional circumstance. The first evening of the Intro to Whitewater starts around 6:30 pm at Lucille Lake. For end time, most of our days run till around 4 or 5 pm. We'll be in touch in the week leading up to your course with more exact times and locations. 

Can I use my own gear?

- For sure you can use your own gear! Gear is included in the cost for the Intro to WW and Next Step courses, but is extra for our upper level courses. Regardless of the course you can always use your own gear as long as your instructor deems it up to safety standards. If you're bringing gear that is outdated or not the right equipment for you we might urge you to try ours, because it could make a huge difference for your paddling! 

Do you offer private guiding?

- Yes, we do offer private guiding! If you're a paddler already who's visiting the area and just want to borrow some gear and be shown around the local rivers we can do that! We do not however offer private guiding to beginners. If you're brand new to the sport we urge you to take a course so you get the instruction you need! 

Will it be hard work?

- Whitewater kayaking is a physically demanding sport that requires a decent level of fitness. Throughout your course you should do your best to stay hydrated, fed, and well rested to be in the best shape you can for the river. 

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